Chamber of Commerce Group Benefits

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The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan® was created to meet the needs of small businesses who historically found it difficult to provide group benefits for their employees. Even today, after 35 years, there are still few alternatives for the small business owner and worker. The Chambers Plan is the largest plan of its kind in Canada covering over 25000 firms from coast to coast. We’re making insurance coverage more affordable through the Chamber’s Group Plan at rates not normally available to small and medium-size businesses. For more details, contact Stacey Minard.

Employee Group Benefits

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Nicol Insurance has been providing competitively priced employee group benefits programs for many years through a variety of different programs. Internally, we have experts trained to customize a plan to meet your individual business’s needs. Whether you are a large or small business, our innovative approach can help you to attract & retain high quality employees with some of the most competitive premiums available. The Integratis Group Nicol Insurance is proud to be partnered with Integratis Group to provide Adminstrative Services Only Employee Benefits to groups of 30 employees or larger. For groups with less than 30 employees, we have partnered with an MGA to provide options more suitable to smaller groups.

Group Plans

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